Sunday, 23 February 2014

Windows 8 for developers? Not yet!

My opinion about Windows 8 is not quite positive. Few days ago, maybe 5 days I've installed original Windows 8 and then upgraded to 8.1 The only one thing what I connect with this system is "wtf!". Yes, beware from installing to new system. You will have to prepare for many new shiny BSOD's. Most of drivers doesn't work well and you will only lose so much time for searching solution that so far it is no worth for using Windows 8. But as I said, it's my opinion. The most annoying problem was about using android emulator with HAXM Intel tweaker to speed up booting device. It used to drop BSOD after few minutes when anroid emulator booted. I found on stack solution fix for this problem, but after I downloaded fix I couldn't install it, I don't know why, I even didn't wanted to know. (Ok I knew, it was about that the current version is newer than the fix so there was not way to install fix from Intel). So last thing what I did was to back to Windows 7 what is difference like heaven and hell. Please make sure you really want to join to Windows 8 and it's community or maybe give yourself some time to think about and then prepare for new system, new problems which shouldn't be popped up after few days... Remember, you are developer, you don't waste time being tech guy.