Thursday, 2 January 2014

Run project as default by USB DEVICE instead EMULATOR - Intellij Android Studio

To make run your projects as default and don't waste time (I am talking about imported 50+ project at once) here is the solution.

Every imported project has own hidden .idea folder placed in root folder. There is something like workspace.xml file. Open it in example by notepad++ and click now CTRL+H(shortcut to replace).
Try replace:

from (whole text with quotes):

".+" (quote dot plus quote)  in regex means select starting with quote, take anything till you get next quote

make sure you selected regular expression option in notepad search dialog

Now save file and try run your IDE with projects.

If you don't see your hidden .idea folder try search somewhere to turn it on, it's easy- link

PS. if you have problems with project, make sure you deleted all R files and rebuilded projects.